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Chihao Zhang 张驰豪

I am an Assistant Professor in John Hopcroft Center for Computer Science at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I am also a member of Basic Studies in Computing Science Lab (BASICS) at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

I obtained a PhD degree from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2016, under the supervision of Prof. Yuxi Fu and Prof. Pinyan Lu. After that, I stayed in Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and Communications, The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a postdoctoral fellow from 2016 to 2018.


Postal Address

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
800 Dongchuan Rd, Shanghai, China


Room 1402-2
School of Software
Minhang Campus


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Research Interests

I am interested in theoretical computer science. Currently, I mainly work on counting and sampling algorithms.

I am looking for students. If you want to work with me, please send me an email.


Fine-grained algorithms and complexity (Fall 2018)